Wisconsin Real Estate Consulting

The current real estate market is undergoing a myriad of changes; and maneuvering through the property markets, capital markets and government regulations is more complex than ever before. It is critical that you can rely on proven experts to identify and capitalize on prime opportunities to achieve your real estate goals.

Changing credit markets and fluctuating real estate values create substantial challenges to virtually all real estate ventures. Successful projects require flexible and creative thinking in order to keep up with the rapidly changing market conditions. Our goal is to deliver each client with the appropriate processes, strategies, and tools for success based on their individual needs and objectives. No client or property is the same, therefore we tackle each engagement as a new opportunity to creatively help you optimize your property and actualize your dream.

Our team has exceptional analytical skills and is highly creative. We can add value, cut cost, and increase your chances of success in any real estate undertaking or challenge. We have a partnership mentality in which your success is our success.

consultingThe Property Advisor’s experts provide
a wide range of services including:

• Project feasibility analysis
• Site planning
• Competitive market analysis
• Coordinating project design
• Investment analysis
• Project implementation
• Financial structuring
• Owner representation for development
• Special Assets analysis and management
• Governmental approvals and entitlements
• Bank loan workouts / negotiations & solutions
• Real Estate proforma preparation
• Landlord & Tenant Intermediary

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